We Represent Veterans Against DUI Charges In Veterans Court

Military veterans have made tremendous sacrifices for their country, their communities and their families. Like other citizens, vets can find themselves arrested on suspicion of DUI — and worried about what will happen next.

In general, there are two main things to be concerned about if you have been charged with drunk driving: the loss of your license and the criminal charges associated with the arrest. The attorneys of Epstein & Robbins, a full-service law firm based in Jacksonville, can help you address both aspects of your case.

Practical Guidance And Effective Legal Representation For Veterans And Their Families

We provide practical guidance and effective legal representation to military veterans and their families, concentrating on DUI defense and criminal defense matters. The firm can help you understand your options for minimizing the impact of a drunk driving arrest. Veterans court may be one of these options.

Veterans court in Jacksonville provides special programs to veterans accused of DUI and other offenses. Veterans court is administered by the state attorney’s office, encompassing Clay, Nassau and Duval counties. In addition to possessing 40 years of experience with Florida DUI matters, our firm is highly experienced in handling DUI cases in veterans court.

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