Assertive Defense Against Underage Drunk Driving Charges

Each year in north Florida, many college-age drivers and high school students are arrested on suspicion of DUI. Like an adult drunk driving conviction, an underage DUI is an offense with undesirable criminal and administrative dimensions.

The Impact On A Young Person

A drunk driving conviction can be damaging to a young person for several reasons:

  • It leaves the convicted person with a criminal record.
  • It brings license suspension, which can affect many areas of a person’s life.
  • It can have an impact on job prospects and graduate school applications, even long into the future.
  • It can lead to fines and other unwanted consequences.
  • It can adversely affect student financial aid and other academic matters.

If your son or daughter was accused of drunk driving, get the legal advice you need. Talk to a knowledgeable defense lawyer who understands DUI law as it relates to drivers under age 21.

Advising Parents And Representing Young People

The lawyers at Epstein & Robbins, a service-focused firm based in Jacksonville, have decades of experience with Florida DUI cases, including countless cases in which underage drivers were charged. Since 1975, attorneys with the firm have been representing drivers accused of DUI, protecting their legal rights and leaving police and prosecutors responsible for proving the case against our clients. Our long history of success is well-known and well-documented.

We understand the stress that a DUI arrest can cause for a family. Our firm can help right away.

Questions About Underage Drinking And Driving? We Can Answer Them.

Every case is different. Get your questions answered by an attorney before your son or daughter talks to the police about the case. Contact us for a free, confidential consultation.