Experienced Defense Against Drunk Driving Accident Charges

Accidents caused by drunk drivers are treated sternly by law enforcement, communities and virtually everyone else. Impaired driving that causes property damage and injury can lead to the long-term loss of your license, a felony conviction and incarceration, among other serious problems.

Common Scenarios

There are different ways to be accused of DUI following a car, truck or motorcycle accident in Florida. Two common scenarios are:

  • After a crash, a driver is given a field sobriety test (which could include him or her being asked to walk a line or perform another action) and a Breathalyzer test. Sometimes the field test is given because an officer smells alcohol on a driver’s breath, notices other possible signs of impairment or is simply following procedure.
  • A law enforcement officer suspects that alcohol was involved in a crash and instructs hospital staff to draw blood from an injured driver, even if that driver is unaware of the blood test. Some drivers are surprised to be arrested on suspicion of DUI weeks or months after a collision.

Be Prepared For Serious DUI Charges | Protect Your Rights

If you were in an automobile accident and you were immediately or subsequently accused of drunk driving, it is important to know your legal rights. It is especially important to be prepared for prosecution if there was a positive blood draw.

At Epstein & Robbins, in Jacksonville, we have handled hundreds of cases involving or alleging DUI accidents. Our attorneys can help if you or a loved one was:

  • Involved in an accident that caused damage to vehicles or other property
  • Accused of vehicular manslaughter or vehicular assault
  • Arrested after a warrant was issued
  • Accused of being impaired by drugs

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