Although marijuana is illegal in Florida and at the federal level, plenty of people have now accepted it  as a social drug in a way that was not coming just a decade ago.

If you leave a party or a friend’s house after having a little bit to smoke and maybe a beer or two, you might assume that once you’re no longer in the presence of the marijuana, that you have successfully avoided criminal consequences for smoking or otherwise ingesting marijuana.

Unfortunately, you can still be at risk for a drug-related DUI charge. Even if you only smoked a little and had far less alcohol than it would take for you to get drunk, the combination of the two might have more of an effect than you imagine.

Alcohol mixed with marijuana affects you more than alcohol or marijuana alone

Alcohol and marijuana have what is known as a synergistic effect on one another. They amplify the effects of the active chemical compounds in one another, leading to more significant impairment than someone with experience with either just consuming alcohol or marijuana.

That synergistic effect might make your party a little more entertaining, but it puts you at a lot more risk behind the wheel than just drinking or smoking without combining the two. Experts say that when you combine alcohol with marijuana, it could be like having several more drinks than what you usually have.

As a general rule, it is usually in your best interest to avoid driving after drinking or consuming marijuana, but especially if you enjoy both substances at the same time.