Summertime is both a fun and exciting time of the year. The warm breezes, the sand on the beaches, the refreshing blue ocean water; all of these things create the perfect environment to relax and have a good time. This is especially true of a place like Florida, where some of the best beaches and nightlife in the entire country make it easy for folks to enjoy the sights and sounds of summer.

But this also has the unfortunate secondary effect of an increase in drinking and driving, which is something that the legal associates at Epstein & Robbins are all too familiar with. This time of the year sees their offices booked to near capacity with DUI cases. Adding to those numbers is the fact that Florida itself has some rather ambiguous open container laws on its beaches. In today’s post we will look a little further into this:

Understanding a Confusing Legal Statute

While Florida law prohibits open containers in any vehicle (unless in a locked glove box or trunk) or public place, the law itself leaves way for individual municipalities to establish their own guidelines. This is geared specifically towards beaches.

As a result, visitors will find different legal restrictions and guidelines literally from beach to beach. Some don’t allow open containers at all. Others may allow them at certain times of the day. And still some others may allow them all day.

Know the Specific Laws for Your Beach

While it is important to understand what the specific rules are for whatever beach you are visiting, it is just as crucial to understand that under no circumstances are open containers allowed in a passenger vehicle on or off of any beach.

Many out of town guests are unaware of this regulation and it leads to a number of drinking related citations and arrests during the summer months.

Know Who to Turn To if You Make a Mistake

Whether you were unclear on the rules regarding consumption at your local beach or if you simply had too much to drink and found yourself in an unfortunate situation involving the law, let the DUI experts at Epstein & Robbins take care of this problem for you. You won’t regret it.