We are rapidly approaching one of the biggest days of the year for outdoor amusement and, in many cases, the enjoyment of adult beverages. The celebration of Independence Day is a day where many people enjoy their own freedoms and tend to cut a little loose and unwind.

But the 4th of July is also one of the busiest days of the year for law enforcement here in Florida as well, as they make a huge number of DUI arrests annually on this day. And helping folks get out of that trouble is exactly what the legal experts at Epstein & Robbins do best.

Knowing Your Limits

It’s always best to practice as much responsibility and plan ahead accordingly whenever you intend to do any drinking, but especially on a holiday where the festivities tend to go on a little bit longer and a little bit louder than other days. Pacing your consumption of alcohol and mixing in water breaks to avoid dehydration also help to minimize intoxication.

Other sound advice would include having a designated driver already assigned, as well as giving up your keys to your host upon arrival. This removes the temptation to assume that you are fine and perfectly capable of driving yourself later on.

What to Do if You Exceed Them

Unfortunately, no matter how much planning goes into making sure that your 4th of July celebration goes off without problems, sometimes it just doesn’t happen that way. It can be very difficult to realize once you have crossed over that threshold to no longer being able to safely operate a vehicle. Other times it is nothing more than simply exercising poor judgment when you’ve had too much to drink.

Regardless of the exact circumstances that led to your drinking and driving arrest in Florida, the legal professionals at Epstein & Robbins know the laws surrounding DUIs in the state and they know how to properly defend clients accused of them. So if you find yourself in one of these unpleasant circumstances somewhere around the holiday, just make a call to the attorneys who know exactly how to handle your case.