For regular drivers, it is stressful enough to be pulled over for a breath test or suspected DUI. For commercial drivers, the stress is even greater. Not only is your license and primary mode of transport at risk, but so is your entire livelihood. Knowing how severe the punishments for a DUI are for commercial drivers; it is essential to know what to do if or when you are pulled over.

What are my Rights?

When you are pulled over for a random breath test, it is essential for commercial drivers to consent to the test. This is because a failure to comply in this case is the equivalent of a confession to committing a DUI infraction.

If the officer wishes to conduct drug testing, they require probable cause to issue the test. It is a good idea to establish that the officer does in fact have probable cause before consenting to the test.

What is the Legal Limit?

For commercial drivers, the legal blood alcohol limit you must be under is 0.04, and you must not have consumed alcohol up to four hours before you began driving the commercial vehicle. This is half of the limit imposed in most states on regular drivers.

What Should I do if I Test Over the Limit?

If you test over the legal limit, then legal proceedings will begin against you. There is a great deal at risk as if you are found guilty of driving under the influence, very severe consequences will be placed on you.

In order to protect your livelihood, and to continue working as a commercial driver, it is important to win your case. For a first offense, you can have your license stripped for a year, and for a second offense, your license can be stripped indefinitely. Due to this, it is essential that you have the best possible legal representation.

Getting the Best Defense

The excellent attorneys at Epstein and Robbins take a great deal of care to offer the most comprehensive legal counsel to their clients. They understand that you will be under a great deal of stress, and make it a priority to offer peace of mind, care, and compassion alongside expert legal representation, to help you win your case and keep your livelihood.