We all make mistakes in life. Many times, they are minor, sometimes they may be major, and often times they fall somewhere between the two. An arrest for drug possession can be anywhere on this scale from a small slip-up to a very serious incident.

The details determine the severity of the issue, based on things such as the type of drug you were found in possession of, the quantity of it, whether or not you were under the influence at the time, and what it is that you intended to do with it (personal use or distribution). All of these factors play a huge role in the extent of the charges and possible punishment that you may face.

Understanding Your Rights

The first thing that you need to know is just like every other criminal charge or allegation a person might face, you are innocent until proven guilty. You may be pressured to speak with officers, confess any wrongdoing, and sign certain paperwork and statements. In almost every circumstance, it would be in your best interests to speak with a legal representative (such as Epstein and Robbins) before engaging in any such behavior.

The Difference Between Recreation and Dependency

It is also important to understand that your personal health and wellness also play a huge role in what the proper charges and effective method of punishment/treatment should be. If you are someone who struggles with chemical dependency or addiction, it changes the entire process and the specifics that surround it.

Without having an attorney who understands these things and is able to explain them to the courts in the required legal language, you could be facing a result that does nothing to address your current and future wellbeing.

Having Someone Speak for You

Having an attorney like those at Epstein and Robbins is about more than just getting the least possible punishment or trying to work out some kind of deal, it is about having caring, compassionate, and knowledgeable legal experts that know how to make sure that you are treated fairly and with dignity throughout your entire ordeal.