This is a time of the year when many Floridians find themselves in an unfamiliar and uncomfortable spot – facing an arrest and possible criminal charges for a DUI or other alcohol related incident.

And let’s be honest; no one ever wants to be in this horrible situation. That is why it is imperative that you understand how the process works, what your rights are, and the best way for you to handle it with the least amount of negative impact on your life moving forward.

A Thin Line Between a Good Time and Overdoing It

Many of us have been in this kind of situation before; out with family celebrating a graduation, birthday, anniversary, or other special life event or milestone. Perhaps we are catching up with old friends or college acquaintances, enjoying a live sporting event, or a day on a beautiful Florida beach.

And somewhere along the way we pass that threshold of simply having a good time with a few drinks to having one too many without even realizing it and the next thing that you know, you’re sitting in the back of a police cruiser wondering how you got there. What happens from that point on is critical to making sure that one afternoon or evening of slight overindulgence doesn’t continue to haunt you years later.

A Process Rigged Against You

It is important to understand the entire process in which a person is pulled over, tested, and arrested for DUI is geared towards favoring the legal system and not the citizen. While this is important to make sure that drivers who are genuinely inebriated and should not be operating a vehicle are not left on the roads to possibly cause an accident or injure someone, it isn’t as fair to those who are on the borderline of legal intoxication.

The Need for a Qualified Legal Representative

This is why above everything else you need to make sure that you have skilled and experienced attorneys such as Epstein and Robbins looking out for your reputation and future interests. They know the law, the process, and how to make it work for you.