It is important for parents and teens to understand how and why teenagers drink alcohol. Despite it being illegal, with the minimum drinking age set at 21, it is a very well-known cultural phenomenon. It’s one of those laws that many people just expect that everyone else broke at some point. While that is perhaps untrue, studies have found that it happens often. 

For example, one survey asked high school students about their drinking habits in just the last 30 days. It found that: 

  • 30%, or just under one out of every three students, had consumed alcohol
  • 6% of the students admitted that they had driven after drinking
  • 17% of them said that, while they didn’t drive drunk, they rode with someone who did
  • 14% of the students admitted to excessive drinking known as binge drinking

Again, this study only considered high school students. There are many college students in the 21 years of age and under group who also consume alcohol, and the drinking culture is often more pronounced at college than in high school. Young people do not have to worry about getting caught by their parents when they don’t live at home, and college is seen as a time to push the rules by many. 

Plus, the study only considered the last 30 days. There were likely students who hadn’t consumed alcohol for a month but who did so frequently at other times. 

These statistics help paint a picture of teen drinking and driving. Anyone who finds themselves facing serious DUI charges needs to know what legal options they have